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Transfer Pricing International: A Country-by-Country Guide
by Robert Feinschreiber (Editor)
ISBN 0-471-38523-9
Hardcover, Septemeber 2000
600 pages (estimated)

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Table of Contents


The author of the Transfer Pricing Handbook now covers the often complex transfer pricing rules in nations around the globe.

* Reviews and analyzes OECD Guidelines.
* Provides an overview of 27 nation's transfer pricing rules.
* Examines the differences between the United States, OECD Guidelines, and specific countries' transfer pricing rules.
* Written by industry experts from each country.
The core volume (ISBN 0471-406619) is supplemented annually.

The 2002 Supplement includes updates to both Transfer Pricing 3e and Transfer Pricing International. It contains:

* Two new chapters on Cost-Sharing Buy-Ins and Technology, Licensing, and Economic Issues in Transfer Pricing
* Complete revisions to chapters on New Zealand, Singapore, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, and South Africa. (with updates to Germany chapter)
* New Appendix containing information regarding Practice Note 7
The supplement updates the core volumes, Feinschreiber/Transfer Pricing Handbook, Third Edition (ISBN 0471-406619) and Transfer Pricing International: A Country by Country Guide (ISBN 0471-385239).

Supplement Now Available
Because of the rapidly changing nature of information in this field, this title was updated.

Transfer Pricing Handbook Supplement
by Robert Feinschreiber
Paperback, April 2002

Table of Contents

Part One Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Transfer Pricing

Part Two Transfer Pricing in the Americas

Part Three Transfer Pricing in Asia and Australasia

Part Four Transfer Pricing in Europe and Africa

Part Five Comprehensive Transfer Pricing Surveys

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